Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Great International Beverage Festival?

The Great International Beverage Festival is an industry trade event organized by Colorado based beverage distributor, Elite Brands of Colorado. The festival feature 60+ of Elite Brands beverage partners from around the world, pouring product to trade attendees.

When and where is the festival held?

The festival is held in downtown Denver at the McNichols Building (144 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80202), on Sunday, June 9th from 12-4pm. VIP session is from 12-2pm and the General Admission session is from 2-4pm.

Is this event open to the public?

No, this event is a trade/industry event, open only to customers of Elite Brands of Colorado.

Is this a ticketed event?

Yes, tickets are required for entry into the festival.

Where do I get tickets if I’m a customer of Elite Brands?

Customers of Elite Brands will receive tickets from their Elite Brands Account Manager prior to the festival. You must bring your ticket the day of for entrance into the festival.

What else do I need to bring to the festival?

The McNichols Building will require a valid 21+ ID for entrance into festival with your ticket.


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